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Are your cell phone calls the lifeblood of your company? Do you need calls to be stable? Cell Phone Atennas have many ways to boost your signal and get you coverage when no one else will get it. If you have any signal boosting tips, please email us so we can share the information on this site : admin@CellPhoneAntenna.mobi

External Cell Phone Atenna for the Car

Cell Phone Antenna : Boosting the Signal

Do you need reliable reception? Are you tired of lost calls? Did you know it is pretty simple to boost your reception on the cell phone? There are many ways to boost your reception, but it can be difficult to determine the exact course of action. Should you get an external antenna, repeaters, amplifiers, or signal boosters. Here we will give you some information to help you make up your mind.

External Antenna

The best solution is to have an external antenna. Many phones, nowadays, have a plug in port for external antennas. If that is the case, simply plug the external antenna into the phone. This works great for driving and at home.If you do not want to be tied to the cord, you can install amplifiers and also repeaters to get the signal where you want it to go.


Amplifiers take the wireless signal and boost it to a greater level. They can help increase the signal strength, but not to the same degree as an external antenna. The amplifiers are good to use when you want to send signals to repeaters or for use with a cell phone that you don't want to plug into the external antenna. You can see that a lot of people will choose an external antenna and then amplify it wirelessly.

Signal Booster

The signal booster, like anything else, can be tethered or wireless. There are different varieties.
Some signal boosters go inside the battery compartment of your phone. It is like a metal plate that introduces a greater grounding plane to the base of the cell phone antenna. It give the phone a little boost. Other signal boosters are the shape of a router or modem and can boost the signal a lot more (1,000&). The most signal will come from a tethered phone, but wireless varieties will also work well with a small reduction in signal. Keep in mind that a tethered phone is still mobile. You just have one more thing to carry with you.


Repeaters are for large areas. For example, a home or business with an external antenna will often need a repeater. The repeater sends the signal over longer distances and keeps the cost down because you will not need to buy a whole bunch of external antennas. Most people will only need one external antenna, one or two repeaters, and maybe some amplifiers. You should consult with the manufacturer to determine your needs. You will need to know the size of the business or home. Many people play it by ear. They get the external antenna and an amplifier and then purchase repeaters as necessary when they see their signal needs a boost. If you are really worried about it, you can always hire a cell phone signal consultant.

Reasons to Need an External Cell Phone Antenna

People that live in rural areas almost always need a signal boost. There are not usually a lot of providers and the distances involved required greater solutions. In addition, people drive long distances more often and need better reception.

Law enforcement, fire departments, and hospitals should have the utmost in good coverage. Can you imagine the police of fire department losing a call and being delayed several minutes. That is why most people that need to rely on the phone in emergency situations have external antennas and a great cell phone provider. It is the only way to go for these people.

People that have businesses also find that it is important to have great coverage. It isn't good business to drop customer calls. Many small businesses use cell phones as the primary phone for business. It may not be super professional, but it fits for about 90% of small business. If important clients are calling you, do you want to worry about dropped calls. Suppose you are a landscaper working on new homes in newly developing areas. These types of areas always have relatively poor coverage because the cell phone providers lag building development. For this type of business, an external car cell phone antenna will do great. Please keep in mind that the car cell phone antenna will actually be for the truck.

Some people like the external antenna just for vacations and recreation. Wouldn't it be nice to go on vacation and not lose coverage constantly? Would you like to get internet while on the road? It is common for people to put an external antenna on their SUV that they take on family vacations for this very reason. Think about camping. I realize you can't get reception anywhere, but a boosted signal is certainly going to do better.

Mounting Cell Phone Antennas

The easiest external antenna to install is a magnetic car mount. The antenna has a special surface that won't scratch the car and just magnetically holds into place. Please keep in mind it can also be easily removed. Some external car antennas can also be mounted to the mirrors and will often need a ground plane to bounce the signal.
Some external antenna can be mounted on glass windows. These are easy to install and work best on clear windows.

Ground Planes

Antennas need a ground plane. That means the signal needs something to bounce off and something to catch it. The bouncing off part is the ground plane. For a car, the cell phone signal bounces off the metal. Cars make a great ground plane. Sometimes the external antenna comes with a ground plane to make the antenna work. This is the case in a mirror mount antenna. The concept of a ground plane is important because it helps you install in better places. If you have a large metal ground plane then use it. If you have large windows, they also make a ground plane to use. Think about things that the signal will bounce off and keep in mind that metal is the best ground plane for boosting external cell phone antenna signals.




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